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  • From prototype to production for custom machined metal & plastic parts
  • The first supplier that practiced “we don’t just work for you but with you”
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ISO 9001:2015 Certified

OEM Capabilities

On demand Manufacturing Services

CNC machining

CNC Machining

We offer 3, 4 and 5 axis custom CNC machining service, CNC turning service, CNC milling service, Mill turning service, CNC drilling service and so on.

injection moulding parts

Injection Molding

We customize a variety of plastic injection molding parts on request. From tooling design & fabrication, rapid prototyping to batch manufacturing.

parts for die casting

Die Casting

We can manufacture precision die casting parts with multi-cavity mold on demand, such as various cases, enclosures, brackets, housings, and covers, mounts, etc.

sheet metal bending

Sheet Metal Forming

Sheet metal forming is a reshaping process. It can form the sheet or plate into desired shapes. This include deep drawing, bending (press braking), and stamping.

Manufacturing Solutions

Scalable Solutions for Custom Manufacturing

Whether you want to order prototyping parts to validate your design or for volume manufacturing, we can provide the suitable cost-effective solution for you.

rapid prototyping process

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping speeds up the cycle from concept to production and significantly reduces the cost of design iteratively, we both accept predetermined drawings or specified samples.

small batch manufacturing

Small Batch

Whether you need to manufacture small quantities of custom parts per batch, or you only need a small trial production, we will provide you with fast turnaround and high quality service.

mass production

Volume Manufacturing

When it comes to mass production, cost control and consistent quality are of paramount importance, and we have proven automated production lines that allow for flexible batch manufacturing.

Manufacturing videos

Videos of OEM Manufacturing

Work Focus

What We Do For Precision Manufacturing

Guaranteed Quality​ for custom parts

Guaranteed Quality

  • Sample check based on AQL, automated full inspection (100% inspection)
  • Unannounced inspection
  • FAI is available
Consistent Service​ for custom parts

Consistent Service

  • Quick response
  • Following up on production & shipping progress
  • Periodic customer’s satisfaction surveys
  • Full assistance from design to launch
Satisfactory Delivery ​for custom parts

Satisfactory Delivery

  • On-time delivery
  • Global delivery
  • Flexible delivery on demand
  • Various shipping options for choice
  • Related shipping docs and certs on request
competitive price for custom parts

Competitive Price

  • Keep working closely with material supplier
  • Optimized manufacturing process 
  • Experienced professional team
  • Maintain lower reasonable profits

Proven Accomplishments

Numbers You Care About

metalworking & manufacturing

More than 1.9 million precision machined metal & plastic parts are made yearly in our factory, and shipped to around the world.

  • Response rate up to 97.5% within 2 hours
  • 99.7% customer satisfaction level
  • Zero-defect rate delivery
  • 2 K+ orders, in-house manufacturing capability
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Years of experience

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Happy clients

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Parts made yearly

Distinctive Service

What Set Us Apart

Quick Accurate Quote

  • First-time check of drawings to ensure no disputes
  • Quick quotes in under 12- 24 business hours for you

Fast Global Delivery

  • Two ports of loading are on standby anytime
  • Double shift system to ensure the delivery schedule

Precheck Before Delivery

  • Prepare mill cert of materials and inspection report in advance
  • You can check the picture of the parts before shipping

Timely Follow-up

  • Tracking of production, shipping progress and whole after-sales
  • Following up on feedback of customer satisfaction survey

Free from Worry

  • Any parts are not up-to-spec will be reordered for free
  • Instant answer to any request with efficient communication.

DFM feedback

  • Cost effective tips and manufacturability advice
  • Optimal manufacturing process based on end use applications

Why Us

Make Your Purchase Profitable

With years of precision manufacturing experience, “German quality, Asian prices“, we make it possible, and make you peace of mind.

Save Cost

With our excellent production capacity, we can usually save 30-50% of the cost. Moreover, we insist on producing only high-quality custom precision parts.

  • Minimum machining costs through optimization
  • Strategic partnerships with material suppliers
  • Refined management to reduce unnecessary costs

Save Time

With our automated manufacturing  facilities and efficient machining processes, the lead time is on average 30% faster than other machining factories.

  • Optimized machining process
  • Experienced technical team
  • Train CNC programming technology.
  • Periodic follow up on production progress

Reduce Risk

With our feedback about design for manufacturability, strict quality control, and responsible service, we can deliver with zero defect on schedule and make you worry-free.

  • From prototyping to production
  • DFM feedback prior to production
  • At least three quality checks
  • Timely tracking of production progress

Work Process

How It Works

As an industry veteran, we always stand up for the customer’s interests, and will serve you to boost your business with high efficient ways.

We will accelerate the entire cycles from prototype to launch.

Precheck Drawings And DFM Feedback​ for custom parts

Step 1: Receive Inquiry And Confirm Spec

After receiving your inquiry, we will first precheck the drawing and confirm the part specifications and the lead time that caters to your schedule.

Meanwhile, we will provide DFM feedback based on your design to optimize machining costs and to avoid potential design defects that could lead to machining failures.

Step 2: Quick Samples Preparation

Quick samples preparation according to the drawings and then sent to customers for final approval.

T0, T1, and T2 samples will be prepared as per customer’s actual requirements.

We will assist our customers to get their parts as requested with the closest cooperation.

Quick Samples Preparation​ for custom parts
Production scheduling and quality control

Step 3: Production and quality control

After the final design approval, we will start to arrange production plan according to delivery schedule, including raw material sourcing, machine tool  commissioning, machining, quality control, surface finishing, etc.

All parts are closely inspected at least three times, such as FAI, PQC & IPQC, FQC

We take full responsibility to make sure your parts meet your expectations.

Step 4: Packaging and Warehousing

The parts produced by batch are put into the inspection waiting area.

Once the parts pass the final quality check, the QC report will be submitted to the quality manager, and the parts are securely packed to be ready for shipment.

All QC passes are documented and attached in each order. In terms of packaging, it is important to ensure that the parts are not damaged during shipping.

Packaging And Warehousing​ for custom parts
Shipping Arrangement for custom parts

Step 5: Customs Declaration, Shipping

Start to book the shipping spaces according to the agreed schedule and trade terms;

Provide one-stop comprehensive trading services including customs declaration, cargo insurance, cross-border logistics, customs clearance and tax refund matters on customer’s side.

Deliver the complete set of shipping documents, such as PI, CI, PL, B/L and any other docs on request.

Step 6: After-sales services & supports

Any parts that are deemed unacceptable will be refinished or reordered for free.  Any other questions, we will follow up and propose solutions at the first time.

Meanwhile, the staff you interface with are experienced in their English language and foreign trade skills. 

Full confidentiality for all your designs and intellectual property. You can have peace of mind working with us.

After-Sales Service & Support
Our supports

Flexible Supports

To enhance the customer experience and make deals easier and safer, we offer full suite of service support in packaging, shipping, payment, intellectual property protection and customs clearance.

To help our clients save money, with our years of practical experience in exporting, we can also provide solutions that are eligible for duty-free or reduced duties.

Shipping Options for custom parts manufacturing

Shipping Options

  • DDU, DDP
  • Door to Door

Payment Options

  • T/T deposit 
  • L/C available
  • Negotiable options
Payment Option
Other Supports for custom parts manufacturing

Other Supports

  • Low MOQ
  • NDA support
  • Factory verification

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