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What is Rapid Prototyping?

In the R&D process, rapid prototyping is a very effective aid to quickly turn product designer’s design concept into reality with practical verification and fast iteration.

Speed and affordability are key. With rapid prototyping, it is easier to achieve iterative improvements to a design, greatly shortening the product development cycle.

Functional testing of rapid prototype parts can identify design flaws in advance and help engineers make decisions before volume manufacturing.

It is an effective way to achieve a rapid feasibility assessment.

rapid prototyping process
Our Capabilities

Rapid Prototyping Services

As an experienced rapid prototyping company in China, we support small batch prototype manufacturing and provide turnkey rapid prototyping solutions on demand.

Speed and affordability are our first priority.

Whether it’s a metal or plastic prototype part, our proven rapid prototyping services will exceed your expectations compared to other prototype manufacturers.

rapid CNC machining

Rapid CNC Machining

Advanced rapid prototyping, especially CNC milling and CNC turning, enable us to manufacture high-precision prototype parts with a variety of complex geometries.

rapid injection molding

Rapid Injection Molding

Rapid prototyping molding enables the manufacture of small quantities of plastic and rubber prototype molded parts, while requiring a balance of speed and affordability.

rapid die casting

Rapid Die Casting

For small quantities of complex parts, a single-cavity mold prototyping solution can be used for rapid die casting, which is more cost effective than multi-cavity molds

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Gallery of Rapid Prototype Parts

Rapid prototyping services are conductive to the fast verification and iterative design in the product development phase.

We can produce affordable prototype parts with quick turn time, including prototype machined parts, prototype injection molded parts and prototype die castings, etc.

3D scan 3D model

3D scanning technology enables rapid prototyping easier.

With our expertise and responsibility, we offer prototype manufacturing services that always prioritize the following four key factors throughout the entire manufacturing.

  • Fast lead time
  • Affordable price
  • High quality
  • Full service support

OUR strengths

Why Choose Us For Prototyping Parts

DFM Tips

Rapid prototyping services play an important role in product development, and as R&D often require multiple iterations to mature from concept to design to production, our DFM additional service certainly accelerates the finalization of custom prototype parts.

Fast Delivery

With leading manufacturing facilities and skilled engineers in our machine shop, we have the ability to complete prototype parts in the shortest possible time, enabling you to accelerate the product development.

High Quality

Precision prototype parts are generally used in advance for application verification, therefore, both functional tests and cosmetic requirements have to be fulfilled, for which we apply a full inspection strategy to guarantee high quality delivery.

Competitive Prices

Based on lead time and economical considerations, the best rapid prototyping process will be used in order to provide our valued customers with the most competitively priced prototype parts in a quick turnaround.

If necessary, we will use appropriate jigs and fixtures to assist in completing the production.


We support common rapid prototype manufacturing, such as rapid prototype machining, rapid injection molding, and rapid die casting, along with materials selection from metal to rubber & plastic.

In addition, we can also provide secondary process services like surface finishes and part marking upon request for a one-stop rapid prototyping solution.

Professional Supports

If necessary, we can set up a dedicated support team to ensure the effective delivery of professional and responsive service to address your concerns.

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