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RFQ Check List. Have You?

We support below 3D CAD file types of X_T, STP, STEP, IGS.

And other supportable file types of PDF, RAR, ZIP.

We strongly recommend attaching the PDF drawing of each part.

Please indicate critical dimensions, tolerances, and any threaded hole requirements.

If necessary, please indicate material grades and specific surface finish requirements.

In order to more accurately describe your project requirements, we recommend the following format.

Suppose you have below requirements:
Part No.: Part_001,Part_002
Quantity: 50 pcs, 100 pcs
Material: Stainless steel 304, Aluminum 6061
Finishes: No, Clear anodized

Then you can state your requirement as follows:

50 x Part_001 – Stainless Steel 304 – No

100 x Part_002 – Aluminum 6061 – Clear anodized