Surface finishing Service

  • Capable of offering multiple surface finishes options
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Surface finishing Service

Custom manufactured parts, whether functional or cosmetic parts, often require finishing to realize their expected function or aesthetics.

Sindparts is an experienced one-stop custom fabrication manufacturer with manufacturing services ranging from raw material sourcing, machining, fabrication (die casting or injection molding), surface finishing, and shipping.

surface finish parts

We also work closely with the best-certified finishing suppliers in China to provide a full range of surface finishing services.

Such as anodizing, electroplating, polishing, powder coating, and part marking, with the most meticulous attention to detail.

We hope to help our clients turn their designs into reality in the easiest and most efficient way possible.

Defining A & B Side

Normally, a few minor aesthetic defects may be inevitable in surface finishing, but these defects such as hanging marks caused from anodizing are also not allowed for cosmetic parts.

Therefore, we should define the A-side and B-side of the part in advance according to the end use in order to ensure that the critical area of the part meets the expectation.

A and B side

These two sides(A Side and B Side)  are defined as follow:

Side A: this side is deemed as the critical surface with higher aesthetic criteria, usually the exposed outside surface, where the defects for vision should not be allowed.

Side B: this side is deemed as the secondary surface, which can be an invisible inner surface or one side that can be concealed after assembly.

For example, the holes for hanging hooks required during anodizing are best designed on this side.

During surface finishing, the A-side should be guaranteed to be free of defects, while the B-side may be allowed to have a few minor unavoidable defects.

But should also avoid scratches, stains, other imperfections, etc.

Surface Finishing Available

Description Color Texture Applied to
As-machined N/A N/A Metal, Plastic
Smooth machining N/A N/A Metal, Plastic
Fine machining N/A N/A Metals
Bead blasting N/A Matte, Glossy Aluminum, Brass, Copper
Anodizing Clear, Black, Red, Blue, Gold Matte, Glossy Aluminum
Electroplating Gold, Silver, Nickel, Copper, Brass Smooth, Glossy Aluminum, Steel, Stainless steel, Brass
Polishing N/A Smooth, Glossy All materials
Powder coating Black, White, Pantone Glossy Metals
Brushing N/A Satin Aluminum, Brass, Steel, ABS, etc
Painting On demand Gloss, Textured Aluminum, Stainless steel, Steel,Plastic
Black oxide Black Glossy, Matte Copper, Steel, etc

Aesthetic Acceptability Criteria

All aesthetic parts that we manufactured comply with our cosmetic acceptability standards.

Parts, especially when manufactured in high volume, will be guaranteed to be of consistent quality across multiple batches.

If a sample inspection strategy is adopted, each lot will be checked according to AQL.

Otherwise, an automated full inspection will be applied.

Consistency requirements

The cosmetic looking of the custom parts from the same batch gotta be visually consistent, i.e.

  • During sanding, the same grits must be used for every part from the same batch. And during brushing, the brush marks must remain in the same direction.
  • The color, texture, and gloss must also be consistent throughout the batch

Visual check requirements

The visual check for the part must comply with the following conditions.

  • Check distance: 0.5 m (19.7″) with 10/10 vision
  • Angle check: approximately 45° in all directions, unless specially requested
  • Light conditions: under good light, like natural white light
  • Check duration: Cover every checkpoint

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