Volume Manufacturing Service

  • Competitively priced for mass production
  • Flexible lead time for batch manufacturing
  • 100% quality assurance

Volume Manufacturing Service

batch manufacturing for machined parts

When you need large orders at a time, or parts that require regular design iterations.

It is especially important to choose a reliable long-term partner, so that the supplier has the experience and advantages of mass production, both in terms of price, quality consistency and timely delivery and service, etc.

At this time, it is equally important to have an excellent back-end supply chain and market development, which will bring immeasurable value to your profits growth.

Why Choose Us For Batch Manufacturing

Competitive pricing

Price is a very important factor for high-volume parts procurement, directly affecting the purchaser’s profits.

We offer the most competitive prices based on our years of experience and expertise in mass production, with a long-term value creation orientation.

Consistent quality

Quality control is a very important task in the mass production process.

According to the process characteristics of different parts, we will take appropriate quality inspection strategies.

Such as automated full inspection, or multi-times sampling check procedures, so as to achieve the maximum consistency with quality.

Guaranteed lead time

Just-in-time delivery time is a strong guarantee for the importer’s production or sales plan.

For products with iterative needs, we can enter into strategic framework agreements and prepare a certain amount of inventory in advance as agreed to increase delivery flexibility.

Optimal Manufacturing Process

For batch manufacturing, improving production efficiency and lowing defect rates are the most direct and effective ways to reduce costs.

So the ability to optimize production processes becomes especially important.

Automated Production Line

Special machine tools are specially designed and tailored for parts with large quantities, and robotic arm equipped can exert automated feeding/relieving .

Especially in high volume manufacturing, in order to maximize production efficiency, robotic arm can be equipped for CNC machining, die casting, and injection molding.

Reliable Material Supplier

Quality raw materials are a prerequisite for manufacturing excellent products.

Our strategic partnerships with material suppliers over many years allow us to fully maintain our raw material purchasing cost and quality advantages.

Quality Control

Quality is the basis for the survival of a company, and it’s the goal of quality control to maintain consistent high quality.

We will implement sampling inspection based on AQL, or 100% full inspection strategy with automated inspecting equipment, respectively, according to actual needs.

Assembly check is also conducted when necessary.

sampling check

Sampling check

AQL-based sampling inspection procedure. Multiple quality control throughout the entire process.

Especially, PQC and IPQC are the core of the entire quality control system.

  • IQC, FAI
  • Unannounced Inspection

Automated Full Inspection

Automated inspecting equipment based on 2D imaging technology can replace manual labor and complete 100% full inspecting operations for specific products or specific dimensions & appearances.

It not only improve inspection efficiency but also compensate to a certain extent for the drawback of incompleteness of sample inspecting and realize zero-defect check in the true sense.

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