On-demand Manufacturing Company

We are the first supplier that practiced “we don’t just work for you but with you”.

We have always positioned ourselves as a technology-based service company. It’s our goal to become your professional and reliable custom fabrication service specialist.

About Us

Sindparts is a comprehensive and versatile on demand manufacturing supplier.

We have years of experience in precision manufacturing service, and our primary business activities as follow:

We also offer rapid prototyping, small-batch machining, and high-volume manufacturing, as well as the corresponding surface finishes and part marking services.

Our clients are mainly located in USA, Australia, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Story & Milestones

Our technical and business leaders are both from the core backbone of established companies.

Because of the same values they come together, that is to be the most professional, reliable, and affordable precision manufacturing services supplier, to assist our customers to turn their designs into reality easily.

In our opinion, the secret to our success lies in our focus on long-term value and our service ability to put ourselves in the shoes of our customers.

Our value is to help our clients grow their profits. We will keep on going along this way.

Sep, 2010

Start Up

Starting as a small machine shop, we have agreed on a common philosophy that we serve our customers as if we were their subsidiary.

Sep, 2010

Mar, 2012

Grow Up

Because of our excellent machining technology, steady quality and strong sense of service, we were soon recognized by two large domestic customers.

Mar, 2012

Jan, 2015

Xiamen New Moon was founded

In 2015,  we started to enter into international business.

Our business activities are mainly involved in CNC machining and CNC tube bending services.

Jan, 2015

Oct, 2018

Strategic cooperation with our KA

In this year, because of our competitive price, we built a strategic partnership with a foreign listed company to start the mass production with automated production lines.

Oct, 2018

May, 2021

Zhejiang New Moon was Established

In this year, we had completed the upgrade of our automated production line, and our factory was also officially renamed as Zhejiang New Moon Machining Co., Ltd.

May, 2021

Dec, 2021

Sunlight (Xiamen) Industry was Incorporated

So far, we had covered the main business activities such as CNC machining, die casting, and injection molding in the industry.

We believe that this will be a another new beginning.

Dec, 2021


At the moment

We hope that with our professionality, responsibility and high cost-effective manufacturing capability, we can work together with you to grow your profits.


Corporate activities

Our company attaches great importance to team building and holds regular annual dinners of Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese New Year every year, and our staff also participate in some volunteer activities from time to time.

Main Manufacturing Facilities

We have precision machine tools and diverse measuring instruments that allow us to manufacture precise custom parts with high quality. 

Measuring Instruments

In order to ensure high accuracy of quality inspection, we are equipped with the measuring instruments, including height gauge, hardness tester, caliper, micrometer and other precision gauges.