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  • A wide range of metal materials available
  • Flexible and comprehensive manufacturing capabilities
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Custom Precision Metalworking

We offer a wide variety of metal materials for on-demand custom fabrication.

These materials for metalworking are matched with our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities.

At any time, we are always able to produce various machined metal parts, turned metal parts, milled metal parts, and die-cast metal parts to meet our customers’ needs.

Metal Prototyping

  • Aluminum prototyping
  • Titanium prototyping
  • Magnesium prototyping
  • Copper prototyping
  • Brass prototyping
  • Stainless steel prototyping
  • Steel prototyping
  • Zinc prototyping
rapid prototyping manufacturing
parts for die casting

Metal Die Casting

  • Aluminum die casting
  • Titanium die casting
  • Magnesium die casting
  • Copper die casting
  • Brass die casting
  • Stainless steel die casting
  • Steel die casting
  • Zinc die casting

Metal Stamping & Punching

  • Aluminum stamping
  • Titanium stamping
  • Magnesium stamping
  • Copper stamping
  • Brass stamping
  • Stainless steel stamping
  • Steel stamping
  • Zinc stamping
sheet metal stamping
deep drawing

Metal Deep Drawing

  • Aluminum deep drawing
  • Titanium deep drawing
  • Magnesium deep drawing
  • Copper deep drawing
  • Brass deep drawing
  • Stainless steel deep drawing
  • Steel deep drawing
  • Zinc deep drawing

Sheet Metal Bending (press brake bending)

  • Aluminum sheet bending
  • Titanium sheet bending
  • Magnesium sheet bending
  • Copper sheet bending
  • Brass sheet bending
  • Stainless steel sheet bending
  • Steel sheet bending
  • Zinc sheet bending
sheet metal bending

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