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How to choose a good CNC machining manufacturer?

how to choose a good CNC machining Factory

While there are many machine shops out there, choosing a good CNC machining manufacturer is really another story.

A CNC machining factory is tasked with providing precision machining services based on your drawings or samples, and they must be able to understand your design well and put it into practice.

Currently, competition is fierce in all industries, and no part of the product supply chain can be ignored in order to maintain a competitive edge.

Selecting a good supplier means you are halfway there, which not only helps speed up your product development cycle, maintain consistent quality, but even makes your pricing more competitive in the market.

Therefore, the following factors should be carefully considered before choosing a partner.

1. Philosophy and Values

Management philosophy and values are the orientation of corporate culture, which directly determines the direction of execution of the team.

As precision manufacturing are highly targeted, various problems will inevitably arise in the cooperation process.

Therefore, choosing partners with the same values and business philosophy is conducive to achieving consensus in most cases and better preventing and solving them.

core values

2. Industry experience

Generally, the longer a manufacturer has been in the CNC machining industry, the more seasoned and the more professional it would be.

If a manufacturer has been running in the precision machining industry for more than 10 years, it should have a lot of experience in this field and be able to handle complex parts and difficult technical problems.

Choosing such a supplier will greatly reduce the risk and cost of future cooperation.

3. What kind of Facilities is available

As a professional machining manufacturer, it is necessary to have advanced and diverse manufacturing facilities.

Commonly used machine tools should include CNC machining center, CNC milling machine, CNC lathe, drilling machine, tapping machine, multi-functional grinding machine, etc.

Besides, precise measuring instruments are also essential for quality control, like CMM, caliper and micrometer, etc.

measuring instrument
quality control standard

4. How to exert quality control

Quality is the key of everything. Before working with a supplier, you should know more about their quality control process.

Meanwhile, check if they have essential measuring instruments, such as projector, caliper, micrometer, through-hole meter, etc.

From raw material selection to machining to shipping, a qualified machine shop should check every process and provide you with mill certs and inspection reports.

5. Availability of excellent design capabilities

Excellent CNC machining first requires a sound design and the best machining process based on that design.

If the machining manufacturer has experience in process optimization, it will help improve your design.

The superior manufacturer ought to be able to quickly analyze the machinability of your design and deliver you DFM tips.

If required, they can even provide you with design modifications.

design capabilities
effective communication

6. Ability to communicate effectively

Sales staff must not only have good English skills, but also know more about the expertise of machining and be able to accurately understand the real needs and technical requirements of customers.

Meanwhile, after the order is placed, the production progress should be followed up and fed back timely.

Keep everything under your control.

7. Are the pricing competitive

When quoting, the key focus is on price and lead time.

The lower the price and the shorter the lead time, the more competitive the offer tends to be.

A good machining manufacturer should always offer the best value for money to its customers.

Continuous improvement in productivity and reduction in defect rates through process optimization will help you maintain an edge in the highly competitive market.

competitive pricing
after-service support

8. How about after-sales support

After-sales service is very important and is the final guarantee of the whole cooperation, especially the precision machining service.

Regardless of any unacceptable issues, should be firstly negotiated with customers.

Be it rework, or refund, it should be done in a way that minimizes the customer’s loss.

Putting the customer’s wishes first is always important.


CNC machining service is an OEM service that requires a lot of custom work.

If you have a good machining partner, you will save more time and money, and make your work more worry-free and secure.

Sindparts, as the first precision machining manufacturer to practice the philosophy of “We serve you as if we were your subsidiary”, always puts the customer’s benefits first and continues to provide you with services beyond expectations.

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